Ljeto/ Summer


Cross processing is the deliberate processing of photographic film in a chemical solution intended for a different type of film. The effect was discovered independently by many different photographers often by mistake. Photographs are often characterized by unnatural colors and high contrast. The results of cross processing differ from case to case, as the results are determined by many factors such as the type of the film, the amount of light exposed onto the film and the chemical used to develop the film.

This series of photographs was made experimenting and playing a long time ago, in 2009. before phone-filter photography boom. In the sea of tests and photographs I had to deliver for my studies at the Academy, it was liberating to test a new camera, old film and a new way of developing. The result was: colours, memories from the seaside, romantic, gentle, sunny and relaxed. Happy. Just as summer is in my mind, while I miss it all year-long. As the result fitted my perception of summer and as a fan on the season and nice memories I plan to continue this series in years to come, especially since the playful element of surprise is part of the process, which is something I can’t afford very often in my professional work.