Deep Cuts


Dubravka Turić, Filip Mojzeš, Filip Peruzović


Radislav Jovanov Gonzo, Luka Matić, Dubravka Kurobasa


Kinematograf, Dijana Mlađenović


2018, 75′, color
Orig. Title: Duboki rezovi
An anthology film dealing with violence in all its forms. Cherries: The carefree summer of ten-year-old Jakov is eroded by tense family relations. A tragic series of events make him revolt. The White Bone Death: A children’s game turns into a dramatic event for both the children and the adults. The Sinking Objects: A family gathering takes a strange turn when the daughter appears with a bruise on her eye and a cliché excuse.


Festivals and Awards

  • Pula film festival 2018 – Golden Arena for Best DOP (Radislav Jovanov Gonzo, Luka Matić i Dubravka Kurobasa)
  • Sarajevo Film Festival 2018